Tuesday, 18 August 2015

We - The incredible Homo sapiens

Hello there, I am Achisha Saikia still doing my schooling. This is my first blog and honestly I have no idea what to write. But the idea of 'writing' has always amazed me in every possible way. Language and literature and vast quantity of words merged to form a serene sentence which catches your eye and touches your heart. The other day I was reading a small extraction from a speech by a writer named Shyman Manohar. He spoke about ''Search and Re-search:The challenge we face" He provides a solution to help us be more creative and shape a more forward - looking culture. He speaks about the difference between search and re-search. It provides evidence and proves how literature can solve our country's problem by first searching and not by relying much on technology or religion and then by taking the next move towards re-searching. 

I am actually a science student but certain failures in my life has made me feel that I should seriously start doing something good with my life because honestly you cannot earn your living just by doing nothing and sitting at home and yawning and texting; so I thought 'why not start with a blog? '

It was April 2014 (I forgot the date), we were given study leave for the whole month for my 10th boards. It was a hectic month with a lot of stress as I was strugglong to finish up my courseload. My mom woke me up early in the morning because we decided to go to hanuman mandir (a holy temple exclusively made to pray Lord Hanuman) The prayers did not take much long as there were not many people present at that time of the day. By the time we came out; people started crowding the temple. 
I was putting my slippers on when my eyes fell on a few beggars sitting near the entrance of the temple. There were middle aged men, woman and kids.The beggars had their hands, legs, limbs, fingers and all the other organs perfectly attached to their body (so ofcourse they could totally work to earn their living). I was observing each one of them and they were shouting "Please, give me some money, I haven't eaten since 2 days" and I was like (on my mind) ''Oh yeah? So why don't you go work somewhere? Go feed yourself and your kids." ( the kids seemed pretty active though so obviously they have been eating something) and then my eyes caught a glimpse of the most little, bizarre humanoid I have ever encountered the entire time I have been alive on this planet. He was so so tiny. Sitting near his mother along with his brother and playing with a little toy. His hands were dark; probably because of sitting under the sun every morning, he had little curly hair, torned clothes, his head was so puny it would fit on my palm. I was petrified to see him. I had no idea malnutrition had gone so far. How many seconds had passed when I was staring at him? 5 seconds? 20 seconds? My mom must have noticed the lugubrious look on my face and woke me up from my deep thoughts. I dashed to his mother to give her some money that I had brought with me. She was the only one who was not asking for money. She venerated when I gave her the money. The best thing was - she was smiling and was happy. Her face made me feel good. Whatever happens and no matter how bad a situation you are facing - you just gotta smile, be strong and be thankful for what you have got in life. That was one hell of a lesson I learnt that day .But the kid's condition bothered me to such an extent I could barely think of anything but him. I wished only if I could bring that little kid with me to my home, feed him so much of protein and all the other essential nutrients, give him a bath, make him wear new clothes. I wish... but apparently your wishes don't always come true. 

It has been more than a year but whenever I think about him, I shiver. What are we doing with our life when we have the food, the shelter, the clothes? Wasting it? Taking too much on our plates till our plates have no space and throw a quarter of it because we are full? The children who pick from the dustbin, what type of life are they having? 
So, the incredible homo sapiens really need to pull up the socks and not just think about themselves but also think about others because we are just running towards the end of our civilization and our doomsday.